Monday, February 09, 2009

late Monday posting...

Just getting to a computer today. It's been a nutty one and I'm exhausted and really should go straight to bed, BUT I had to post some pictures from this computer before I forget.

Here are a few glimpses of Cirque from my birthday night out.

These are NOT my pictures... they're all from the Cirque website. They don't let you take pictures at the show, although I tried to snap some while we were outside the show. They were just so-so.

It was a BEAUTIFUL show and I've got lots of ideas for fun stuff to try in glass/beadwork after seeing it.

One of the pictures here is a costume sketch...I've also included a photo of costume after-the-fact.

It really was a beautiful show. We sat on the 2nd row, so we could see every little detail of makeup and costumes... SO COOL... SO many great ideas flowing from seeing the show.

ok... falling asleep... time for the tiny blah blah blah

Coffee - CDL yum! (bought to you by Mom)

Music - a mix of all sorts of stuff. Started w/ Colbie Callait. Ended with Logins and Messina

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