Friday, March 20, 2009

It's FRIDAY!!!!!


It's the first day of Spring!!!

It's absolutely beautiful in Atlanta today. I absolutely love where I live. I know I've said lots of times that I'd like to move to somewhere with a beach, but I truly truly love this city. I like the winding roads that change names 5 times and confuse anyone that hasn't lived here forever.

I like the pockets of great shopping and restaurants, that like our roads, unless you're "in the know" you would miss because they're off the beaten path. It's a city with little towns within it. To people who have only driven through our city on their way to somewhere else (because you pretty much HAVE to drive through Atlanta to get to Florida from most places) or if you've changed planes in our airport, or just visited for a down-town convention or something like that... you haven't experienced Atlanta.

We're a city full of diversity, full of history and eccentricity. I love it here. :)

(ok... that was my "visit Atlanta" tourism plug of the month... Mayor Franklin, please send me some free coffee!!!)

ANYHOOO.... it's springtime in Atlanta... the most wonderful time of the year!

Which also means.... it's flip-flop time!!! The OTHER most wonderful time of the year!!! My toes will be happy to be free again!

So... what's all this got to do with beads???? NOTHING! But as I've said a million gazillion times.... this is MY blog and I can talk about whatever I want here... today I chose flip flops and my love of my town.

Beady news??? Working working working on photos and websites and the non-glamorous parts of being a bead-maker. Hoping that this weekend I'll get some serious studio-time and get some pretty things made. Can I just say that I love making pretty things??? (oooh... I just remembered... I CAN say that because it's MY blog!! LOL) Ok...I love that I am able to make pretty things that make me, and other people smile. I really really do.

This weekend, I'll be making more of my Mallory inspired beads (waving to Fairy Princess Mallory) and some Head Over Heels beads too. Lots of smiling little faces.

I'm getting used to using my new tools from Whimsicalities. They're called "micro-shapers" and they are REALLY cool. I've used the same tools FOREVER and these are taking some getting used to... but will be worth it once I figure out how to do the things I want to with them. The fact that they're brass and don't get lodged in the glass is why I'm switching from my utility blade tool and nail-punches. These are so much cleaner AND have some interesting edges that will really make creating small sculptures a lot of fun!

I'm HOPING to also break open my box of CIM glass from Frantz. It's been sitting there taunting me for a week now. I didn't want to open it until I got some of the WORK part of the business done. I knew that once it was open, I'd run to the studio and play and never get any pictures taken! SO... I'm planning to play with my new glass tonight as well. (yes... that's right... I'm staying in on a Friday night to make beads. My choice was frowned on by those wanting me to go out tonight... but I need some studio time... a girl must sacrifice for her art sometimes.)

well, this has been longer than I intended, as usual.

Enjoy your first day of spring!!!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah - brought to you once again by Cheryl who lives in Hawaii and creates beautiful beads!!! Her joy of glass has made it a lot of fun having her in the FYV classes. Thank you SO much Cheryl!!!!

coffee - wonderful Cinnamon Dolce Latte prepared by Omar. I have to say that since my sponsors have been buying my coffee, it even tastes BETTER than before. It's fun to think of the people who are sharing my coffee moment with me.

music - my long long long long long mellow list. It needs some serious updating. There are a lot of new songs I'd like to add, but haven't had a chance to play around on i-tunes in a while. I even have a gift card from CHRISTMAS and haven't spent it yet!! Right now I'm listening to Sade. She has the coolest sound. It's too bad she sort of fell off the map. (the song just changed to Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning... which makes me think of Bridget Jones Diary... which reminds me that I am way off track and need to finish this post!!!)

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