Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Tuesday!!! TIRED Tuesday!

I LOVE this time of year... love the extra daylight, but the first few days after "spring forward" KICK MY BUTT!!!! Hopefully I'll be adjusted in a day or two.

I have nothing beady to talk about today... lots of beady stuff to do, but nothing to talk about really. (ok... i lied. I always find SOMETHING to talk about!!)

I'm winding down the 2nd round of the Finding Your Voice as a Glass Beadmaker classes. I am really enjoying facilitating these workshops. There are people who are telling me that I need to start charging for them, but for now, I'm ok with things the way they are. I get free coffee as "thank you" gifts and that's kept me from having to eliminate that one luxury I have from my budget.

So... I'll just leave things as is for now.

I'm winding down round 2 though and about to start round 3. I have 2 FULL classes again, which is really exciting considering I don't talk about the classes too much. I was going to mention them in the class announcement area on one of the glass sites, but didn't have to. As soon as I said I had 6 spaces to the people already in the group, I had 4 people notice that they hadn't added their names to the list... so I now have 2 spots... that's it.

And I have LOTS of people who have stuck around from round 1 and will stick around after round 2, forming a group that is continuing the exercises... basically just staying in the workshop, but in a different group... becoming more self-sufficient.

Pretty crazy... I've had 60 something people take this class in 8 countries!!!!! I wouldn't have had the opportunity to even MEET most of these people... let alone teach them. That's pretty cool. And I continue to be amazed at the INCREDIBLY unique things that are made in the workshops. I hope that the people who are making the beads see their assignment beads as WONDERFUL spring-boards for completely fabulous bodies of work OR as compliments to work they're already doing. I really really think that a lot of the pieces I've seen, if polished a bit (because I don't let them do that... they only get to make the assignment bead ONCE) could be KNOCK OUT beads that would rock-the-beadworld. Seriously. There are some things I've seen that would be MAJOR best-sellers out there too...

SO even though people like to say "there is nothing new.... it's all been done before" to justify unoriginal work... it's just not true. There is ALWAYS something new to be done... some new song to be sung/art to be created. I'm glad I've helped these 60 people who have done the workshops so far take a step towards finding their own voices. I'm really proud of what I've created in those groups.

(and that feeling goes a lot further than a class fee does as far as a feeling of self-gratification)

.... but I do love the coffee... so thanks guys! :)

tiny blah blah blah...

brought to you this week (well... brought to ME this week) by
Stacey!!!! Thank you Miss Stacey! It's yummy!!!

coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte

music - NONE!!! I forgot my ipod again!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

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