Monday, March 09, 2009

Good Morning Blog-reading friends! (well hopefully you're all friendly)

Happy Monday!

It really IS a happy Monday because.... it's flip flop weather!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!

If you know me well, you know that I really hate shoes that have backs... I like to slide into my shoes and kick them off quickly. Last year, I added to this that I like having my toes uncovered too when I found these FABULOUSLY comfortable flip-flops made by Chaco.

(please note... the link i've provided is to the particular pair I would like this summer. I'm thinking I should add a flip-flop sponsorship thing to the blog here too since the coffee one has been so successful. If you wish to sponsor these flip-flops in the pink collage color in a size 11.... please let me know. (---I seriously don't expect anyone to buy me flip flops...but then again I didn't expect to have my coffee sponsored either!----- )

Back to the flip-flop story...I have never been a total beach-bummish flip flop person. They're usually not all that comfortable... ok most of them are REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE, but I bought these to wear to the pool at Disney last spring (at the recommendation of the girl at the toy store...long story) and can't bear NOT wearing them they are SO comfortable! They aso come in cute colors, so that makes it even better!

ANYWAYS, I was very sad when I had to put my chacos away for the winter, but this weekend I got them out and my feet are very happy!!! YAY!!! flip-flop season is here!!!! Soon (well, not REAL soon, but sort of soon) it will be pool season and I'll be happily hanging out in the sunshine with friends at the pool... wearing my flip flops!

I had a wonderful weekend. It started off with a couple of speed-bumps, but Saturday was a day filled with beadmaking, sunshine in the afternoon and friends in the evening. It was a GREAT day! Sunday was church, family and picture-taking. I've got out all my bead-photographing gear and am getting set up to take a bazillion-gagillion pictures of baby beads in all different color combinations for my records. YAY!!! Hopefully, I'll be selling these baby beads at some point and it will be nice to have some sort of visual of the different colors I've made them in.

PLUS I wanted to take pictures of the first of the limited edition Holiday Head Over Heels. She turned out SO cute and I needed to get some pictures taken. Hopefully the ones I took will look good when I get them edited. Photos and editing take up a LOT of time. I'm still finding balance between all those different parts of what I do. It was much easier to balance when that was ALL that I did.... and it might be again... we'll see.

I'm doubting that I'll be making beads tonight, but hopefully I'll be editing some photos and can get a couple posted here or on my website gallery later this week.

tiny blah blah blah...

Today's coffee is brought to me by...
Stacey! Stacey is a beadmaker and silversmith. Her work is FABULOUS and she was generous enough to be the coffee sponsor of the week! YAY!!! Check out Stacey's etsy store too because it has some GREAT silver toggles that would look really good with lampwork beads. (she didn't ask me to say that.. I just think they're cool so I'm giving her some link-love)

coffee today - Cinnamon Dolce Latte - YUM!

music - NOTHING. I left my ipod in the studio.

I DID listen to lots of music on Saturday while making beads. That was the point of this portion of the blog anyways...what I listen to while I MAKE beads, so I'll tell you....

On Saturday, I played my sing-along playlist which is great for beadmaking. I make better beads when I sing. It made me laugh thinking that my old beads by design studio was kind of "public" in that it was in the back of the store and I probably unconsciously sang when I was making beads there too. I can't help it!!!!! Freddie Mercury and I do a MEAN duet to Somebody to Love and Annie Lennox and I have some great duets as well. :)

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