Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's Stress Free Thursday!

That's right... I'm going ahead and taking the risk and saying that. As I've stated before, my friend and I have labeled Thursday "Stress-free" but half the time when I say it, something stressful happens completely ruining the name. But I'm living on the edge today.... Happy Stress FREE Thursday to you all!!!!

Guess what else it is???

Roll Call Thursday!!!!!!! Woo hoo!

I sort of feel like Romper Room here a lot of days knowing who is reading this (because I know most of you guys pretty well by now) and I want to say "hi" to you...

SO... check in using the "comments" and know you stopped by today. I'll wave at you from this side of my computer. Tell me what state you're from too. That way just in case you're from Delaware and Google is calling it "unidentified" we can check that state on the list and have....

drumroll.... TOTAL US domination! We got the other 2 states (Vermont and West Virginia) we ONLY need Delaware. SO... if you're in Delaware and reading this, make SURE to check in and tell me.


Hi Angie!!!
Hi Laura!!!

I know you guys have already been here, but maybe you'll be back to see me waving at you. :)

(I love my Google map!)

In Bead news.....

I finished cleaning the 1,000 baby beads!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! BIG WOO HOO!!!!!

OMG... that took FOREVER!!! I will not let those pile up again. I'm going to try to get through some of them every day. That was WAY too much to do at once and BORING BORING BORING. The dremmel helped, but it was STILL a lot of work. That said, I now have 1,000 beads ready to photograph and start bundling. YAY!!!

Bead and Button here I come!!!!!!

have a great day everyone! Don't forget to check-in and say "hi"!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

Brought to you by Rosemarie!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

coffee - not yet today... but I'm going to! On my way to the car dealership to pick up my van that I've been without since FRIDAY. I'll definitely stop and get a CDL on the way. The line at my regular starbucks was WAY too long this morning, so I skipped it. But don't' worry Rosemarie, I'll have some later for you!!!!!! :)

music - I'm still on a Dixie Chicks thing. Today is Wide Open Spaces on repeat. I love that album.

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