Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's TUESDAY!!!!!!

And I'm going to win the lottery tonight!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!

(which means I must buy a ticket. That's necessary I think.)

We had our big snow day yesterday and enjoyed a day at home just chilling. Well, the kids chilled. I cleaned beads....

LOTS of beads. Like 800 beads!!!!! I've still got a lot to clean, but I was piling up mandrels of baby beads and not cleaning them... just making them. So, since I had a day to sit and do mindless bead-cleaning work... I dremmelled (that's a word) my way through a lot of them and made some good head-way.

Next I need to take pictures of them, just to record my color-study I've been doing. I'm going to eventually be teaching a class at Flametree Glass on using pixie-dust, so it will be nice to have some sort of quickie hand-out to show them all the different effects you can get with the fun sparkly stuff.

Some people have suggested I write a pixie-dust tutorial. I'm going to have to look at some of the other tutorials out there and see what exactly a tutorial looks like. (I actually bought one from Jen Geldard, but haven't even opened it yet!!!) I think it would be something that I could definitely teach to, since I AM the self-professed Queen of Pixie Dust. I love all the exciting colors you can create with the stuff.

And speaking of color.......

I have NEW glass colors on the way to my house!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I finally broke down and bought some of the CIM colors. Frantz Art Glass was having a sale over the weekend (they're still having some other sales, but not sure if the one I bought with is still running). If you bought 5 lbs, then you got the 30 lb. price break. I couldn't resist that one, so I placed my order with a little of this and a little of that of the CIM colors that I liked. A lot of them were too neutral for me, but there are a lot of colorful ones that I can't wait to try. AND can't wait to dip in pixie dust to see what OTHER colors I can make out of them!!!!

More crayons for my crayola box!!!! (need to reorganize the glass drawers to accommodate these new colors though!)

Hoping for a little bit of beadmaking time tonight. HOPING. We'll see. I need need need to set myself a schedule and spend a couple of hours in the studio each day until Bead and Button time. It's just got to happen.

tiny blah blah blah...

Brought to you this week by Rosemarie! Thank you so so so much Rosemarie!! This is a link to Rosemarie's blog - www.SpawnofFlame.wordpress.com. She's got a great entry there right now about silvered ivory stringer. She's done some tests with different brands of ivory and shows her results. Very cool stuff. Thank you thank you Rosemarie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coffee today - CINNAMON Dolce Latte. YUM! (it's cold here today, so it was nice to have some warm yummy coffee to start my day. I didn't get any yesterday!)

music - forgot to plug the IPOD in!!!!!!!! gasp! I'm in a James Taylor mood though... so I predict THAT will be what's played after I hit "publish this post" here. :)

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