Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy friday world!!!!!

OK... have you ever been to the home-star runner website? Probably not. My kids love it. I think it's funny. One of the main characters is Strong Bad and he has this e-mail thing where he answers "viewer" e-mails... very snarky replies usually and very funny. I think I could totally date one of the Homestar writers because they are hilarious and funny is attractive... that and cowboys and firemen...but that's a whole NOTHER posting.

The reason I'm talking about Strong Bad is that he has this little "song" he sings when you click on the page where he does the e-mail answering. It says something about "come on and show me some scroll lovin'" (meaning scroll down the page). It keeps playing in my head today because I'm about to ask all of you in all 31 countries... all 49 states (sorry Delaware... you're just gonna miss out) to help give my friend some "click-lovin'" today by clicking below and going to her new business page.

There is nothing to buy..... JUST CLICK. I want to help her website stats, so that it moves her up the search engines as quickly as possible.

Her business idea is the perfect one for her. It's called Yard Sale Frog. The purpose of it is to have a map-locator for all the yard-sales in the Middle Tennessee area. She is a MAJOR yard-saler and was frustrated with the lousy signage/information out there for people shopping. So she set up an informational site to help buyers and sellers get together.

I LOVE that it's a great idea AND that it is something that she was already passionate about.

SO... give Lee Anne some "click lovin" today and go to

Thank you BUNCHES for doing something nice for me and one of my GGMs. (see previous posts about the Girls Gone Mild)

Love you Lee Anne!!!!!!! Best Wishes for a GREAT launch today!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

brought to you again by Rosemarie!!! Don't forget to check out her blog or her etsy shop!!

Thank you to everyone who has been buying my coffee this year. It really is WONDERFUL of all of you guys! I already have sponsorship for next week!! (but I'm still looking for the next week's sponsor. LOL)

coffee -delicious Cinnamon Dolce Latte made by Yolanda (but Omar was the cashier... he missed me when I cheated on him at the Dunwoody Starbucks)

music - Sylvie''s fun summer mix. It's SUNNY here today. FLIP FLOP weather!!!!!

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