Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday...

I have nothing catchy to write about Wednesday.

I got my refrigerator fixed! Woo hoo!!!!! Happy Day!!!

So, maybe it's Refrigerated Wednesday!!! Whoopee! Everyone's favorite day of the week! ;)

In beady news.... I've got nothing! I haven't had a moment for beads lately. I need need need to have a moment for beads! I've got too much other stuff to do to make beads this week, though. Hopefully by this weekend. HOPEFULLY.

so... due to lack of beady news, this is short today.

But BIG BIG BIG Tiny Blog Shout Out to Cheryl!

Thank you Cheryl for my coffee!!!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop. I'm looking forward to this next round too!!! (I'm on my way to Starbucks as soon as I turn the computer off!)

coffee - will be having a yummy cinnamon dolce latte!

music - we'll see what plays in the car... nothing right now but the clicking of the keyboard and the banging around of a puppy who sounds like he's on a rampage... running in circles chasing the cats. Poor cats.

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