Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Woo Hoo!!! One day closer to Friday!!! (is it too early in the week to start that???? maybe.)

It was a very beady day yesterday. Not a very bead-MAKING day, but a very beady day.

Mondays are the day that my Finding Your Voice classes get their assignments and I have 4 classes going right now... that was a lot to keep up with in one day.

It was the first day for them to start giving comments on Week One's assignment, so that took some explaining... to try to get them looking at possibilities for new ideas and NOT concentrate on technical advice. It's a lot easier to look at a bead and say "maybe if you put that dot in a different place" than to look at a bead and say... "oooh... this kind of looks like primitive dancers... maybe you could make a bead that......" VERY different and not what beadmakers are used to.

They're not used to sharing creative ideas with each other. There is so much territorial stuff that goes on... most (not all, but most) beadmakers don't DARE give up an idea that they might want themselves. But this class demands that.... and I think in the end, they see that they're giving up ideas, but they're also being SHOWERED with tons of new ideas from the others... more ideas than they could ever totally do anything with. And all of these ideas are based on beads that they don't usually see as anything CLOSE to their best.

SO... yesterday was about shifting some habits as well as presenting the Week 2 assignments for everyone. That took a LOT of my free-time yesterday. I know that at SOME point I have to stop teaching this class for free. I HAVE to. I don't WANT to, but if I'm going to make beads and teach AND design... I have to be paid for that portion of teaching as well. HOPEFULLY in the next few months more of the people who have taken this workshop will be talking about it and it will lead to some in-person workshops.

That's the hope anyways.

So, no beadmaking yesterday, but lots of beady stuff.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope. I was in a coca-cola sort of mood.

music - listening to an audio-book. It's one I've listened to before, but I was talking about it yesterday and wanted a re-listen. Sophie Kinsella's Undomestic Goddess. I like this one even more than her Shopaholic books.

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