Friday, September 19, 2008

Deep Thoughts Friday...

(ok, if you know me well you know that's probably NOT going to be the case....and if you don't KNOW me, then this post is sort of for you.)

I was getting ready to write my entry about creativity because after having dinner with my friend Marcy last night I really had a lot more to say about the creative process. Marcy's work is so fun and she's such an insightful person... I enjoyed bouncing ideas off of her and just hanging out with a friend. So.... shout out to Marcy!!!! (go check out her site. She has the cutest bobble-head glass sculptures!! OMG i LOVE the American Gothic couple!!! And she's doing some great coaching sessions on her blog for beadmakers. Here's a link to her website, you can pick which way to go when you get there!

Well... I just wrote a long post and erased it because it didn't make sense. But then again, I don't make sense a lot of times!!!.

I'm curious about why people read my blog that aren't beadmakers, beaders, or friends. I love my website stats because I know how many people visit every single day. It makes me laugh that there are people that sit down at their desk and have their coffee "with me" every day. I wonder about the people that don't really KNOW me KNOW me. They don't know my sense of humor so the fact that I write pretty much like I talk is lost on them.

I've said something before about people from my church reading (hi friends from church!!) A lot of my friends from church read this, but they KNOW me. I'm sure that some of the people who linked here from the other church blog sites only know me as "the girl that sits on the left hand side." They're most likely NOT beady people, so are they bored to tears with all the art talk? They might have enjoyed getting a glimpse at a person they didn't know all that well, but I'm pretty sure they're not the ones reading every morning while they have their coffee. I seriously doubt it. There wouldn't be a reason to. I'm not THAT interesting.

Do people in foreign countries who read this (hi people in Denmark!!) have trouble with all the "sylvie-isms" that are here? I'm sure there are HUGE translation issues! They're beaders or beadmakers I'm sure, so the content would probably make sense, although the "fluff" around it might be lost on them. I think it would be funny if they're the ones having their morning coffee with me... I'll have to see what time "coffee time" would be in Denmark! :)

As for other people who aren't beaders or friends.... just curious people whose lives intersect with mine somehow.... like neighbors. When my neighbors that don't really know me (hi neighbors!) read this because they saw the link from my website and were at my website because they had my e-mail address with my URL and were curious what was. Do they get a completely different picture of me than they had before??? Does it make the girl who reads at the pool more of a real person to them? I think that's sort of fun and that's why I'm ok with having a blog that's available to the public... I think people who don't REALLY know me get a glimpse of the real me that they're missing.

I'm a fun person. My beads and beadwork are fun. I would even say that I'm a SILLY person a lot of times. I would hope that when people visit the website and blog, that I make them smile either through my work or through my words. (and I've been told a lot lately that people do come here because it makes them laugh.)

SO...if you read this with your coffee and you're NOT smiling.... find something else to do. I can e-mail you links to some funnier blogs if you need suggestions. Life is too short to spend your coffee break on a website that doesn't make you happy!!!

So get going!!!!!! Enjoy your day all you people in... 15 countries and 41 of the 50 states!!! (we need to fill in that map, so find some readers for me in Iowa and Idaho!! We'll work on those 2 states first.)

Shout out to.... People in China and Singapore!!!! And a local shout-out to Norcross, Decatur and Marietta!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte made by Alex the barista (and neighbor)

music - 80s playlist. Right now I'm listening to Bananarama "Cruel Summer" but I'm looking forward to "My Sharona" next!!!

what I'm reading - should be what I'm NOT reading!!!!! I left my book "New Moon" at the doctor's office the other day and I haven't had time to go pick it up! aaaaaaaahhhhhh! I'll never know what happens with the werewolves and vampires in Forks, WA!!!!!

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