Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Wednesday and I'm OFFICIALLY a glass beadmaker again.

How do I know this? (besides the obvious fact that I've been making beads?)

I know this because I bought glass last night. Buying glass is what glass-beadmakers do. We make then SELL beads so that we can buy more glass. Hopefully we make some money too, but a LOT of beadmakers do this as a hobby and just want to support their glass-habit which is why they sell.

I'm hoping to get back to the "make money" stage again, but if that's not meant to happen, it won't. BUT I have the CREATIVE NEED to make beads again, so hopefully I can at least support my glass habit.

And there is all kinds of new stuff out there that I've not even tried! SO many cool things have been invented in the last 2 years for glass beadmakers, it's a little overwhelming. I think I'm going to post on a post asking "what should I buy" so that people can tell me all the new cool stuff that's out there without my having to do a ton of research myself. I'm lazy... well, I'd just rather spend my time making beads than researching! PLUS I'd end up buying stuff that wasn't as cool as it looked. This way I can get the "must have" list. Hopefully, anyways. (mom, if you're reading this... and I know you are... I'll post my "wish list" for you since it will be Christmas before you know it!!)

But I went to the glass store last night instead of making beads. It was necessary. I realized the other day that when I'd stopped making beads over 2 years ago (May 2006) I hadn't placed a glass order in at least a YEAR before that!!! I was trying to just use all my back-stock glass as much as possible to save money that year. WELL... now that I want to make beads again, I need some colors that I had pretty much run out of. You can't get too far without basics like black (duh!) and white (even bigger duh!) and how I'd almost run out, I have no clue. I hardly remember 2006, so I'm not even going to guess.

The other biggie that's happened since 2006 is that I have a major glass supplier 10 minutes from my house!!!!! That's HUGE!!!! When I first started making beads in 1996, I'd order my glass from one of the 2 or 3 suppliers on the West coast and wait for 8-10 days for UPS to deliver it!!! Since then more and more suppliers have popped up, but now one (a good one) is 10 minutes from my house!! What luck!!!

And it's owned by great people, so I'm happy to spend my money there. AND they want me to teach there!!! So watch for info on upcoming classes. I hope to be teaching at least one seed-bead class this fall and one glass-beadmaking one in winter 2009.

Know anyplace else I need to teach??? Tell me! I need to start building my classes again!!!

And I'm pretty sure I'm doing my online creativity class, so if you are interested in that... let me know SOON because there will only be about 8ish spots.

tiny blah blah blah...

Coffee - nope. It was a chick-fil-a morning because G(child 2) needed a reward for getting up in time to get his brother to school at 7 a.m. (YUCK) to work on a project. So G and I went to Chick-fil-a until it was time for him to go to school. Because of that, I'm drinking sweet tea (with 3 lemons)

Music - John Legend and Corinne Bailey Rae. I didn't intentionally pair them, but that's who I saw together in concert last year! Funny! (I reversed the order though... John opened for Corinne this time...and we're missing the doofy back-up singer/dancers that John Legend had!)

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