Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We've made it HALFWAY through this week. This has not been a fun week for SO many reasons... mostly because it's crazy busy and I need a break.

Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, there is NOTHING beady to report and I am SO ready to talk beads. I have stuff to talk about bead/beadmaking-wise, but I just am not in the mood to do it today.

SO instead of my regular blog entry, I'm going to talk about OTHER PEOPLE's blogs.

I'll start with Jen Geldard. Jen is someone who makes beads that I LOVE. When I talked in one of my "sermons" on creativity in beadmaking and said that art is when you can look at a bead and see the emotion in it.... well Jen's beads are TRULY an example of this. I can't explain it, but they definitely evoke emotion and every bead that I've ever seen of hers just "sings" to me. I wish I knew Jen better to know the person behind the beauty that she creates.

I was on her site today - (long story, but I got there because I was playing an online game MOUSEHUNT on facebook and she seems to ROCK at this game) ANYWAYS, I was on her site and I saw that she had a blog called "Torch Songs" which is SO witty. I thought she had always had a blog, but for some reason this one looks like a new blog. I'm looking forward to keeping up with what she's making, so I'm going to bookmark it for myself.

ANYWAYS (why does it take me so long to tell a story??!!) while I was there, I looked at the links to the other blogs she had listed and saw this one called "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" - Of Mike and Firemen. Well, to be honest, the "firemen" thing caught my eye. I have a thing for firemen. SO I decided to check out the pioneer woman/firemen blog! I didn't expect the poignant story about the blogger's brother Mike and his love of fire Stations. It was beautifully written. (and you should go read it, go to Jen's site and then follow the link on her list of blogs she likes)

Leave it to Jen, whose beads really really make me FEEL something, to bring me to a site that does the same.

Thanks a BUNCH Jen!!! You've got my mascara running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah

coffee today - Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce latte with 3 pumps of Dolce syrup, stirred and topped with Whipped cream. (they had to make it twice because the new barista, for some reason mis-read the 3 pumps and instead made it a triple shot. I do NOT need the extra caffine, so he had to make it again. Pauvre Barista. he'll learn.

music - forgot my ipod, so I'm listening to Dave FM. I'm not liking the song that's on now, but Mercy by Duffy was on a couple of songs ago and I love it. I miss my ipod.

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