Friday, September 05, 2008


This week has seemed SO long! And that doesn't make sense because we had a day off!!!

So it's almost the weekend and the big question is...

Will I make beads or won't I? Are you, dear readers, getting tired of listening to me say "THIS is the weekend I'll make beads!!!"???? I would be. I'm tired of hearing me say it!!!

I'm hoping that it IS this weekend, but there's a lot of stuff planned, so we'll see.

I was looking through my images on my computer for a certain picture that I wanted to use for my 3rd installment in my Creativity "Sermon series" and I couldn't find it. That means that entry will have to wait till next week (if then) because it's probably on a different computer than the one I'm using today.

BUT as I was looking through the pictures on my website, I found some pictures of my old studio that I had posted in a blog entry YEARS ago when my studio was in Marietta at Beads by Design. I LOVED having my studio there. It was a really nice space and is now being used by the store as a classroom space and also by the Southern Flames (I still hate that name) Glass beadmaking group as their class space as well.

I once heard an instructor and student complain about the walls that I'd painted there. They thought they were distracting. Oh well. Too bad. The owner of the store likes them and has left them just like I painted them years ago.

I'm sure that someday they'll get painted over, but for now, they're still there just as I left them. I miss them. It was SO nice to be surrounded by color like this while I made beads. I need to make my studio at home this fun, but it was a LOT of work.

So... here are some pictures of the studio I miss.....

I really really wish that I would have thought about the fact that I might move someday and painted the 2 on the right on canvas instead of ON THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss my pictures. :(

And from the files of OMG that's totally a coincidence...

As I was typing this entry... the owner of Beads by Design (the former landlord whose store these paintings currently reside) called asking me when I'm going to come in and pick up some beads that I made there back in....... MAY??!!!!!!! So, that's another nudge telling me to make beads. (insert twilight zone music)

it's time. what is my issue??!!!!! anyone? anyone? (said in my best Ben Stein voice)

time for the tiny blah blah blah...

Coffee - of course you know I had Starbucks. No big surprise there!

Music - Sylvie's "Chick Flick or Should Be" playlist. All songs that either were on the soundtracks of Chick Flicks or songs I think should be. Currently listening to "Always Something There to Remind Me" by Naked Eyes. GREAT SONG!!!

funny note: I wandered onto a guy's blog (who is a member of a facebook group that I belong to) and he has a "song of the day" sort of thing too!!!! He calls his "ear worms" but it's basically the same thing! I had fun reading his blog. He was funny and quirky. I hope that people who do read this (other than for the spy-factor or the train-wreck carnage factor get a kick out of what I write the same way I feel when I read other people's blogs)

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