Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Saturday to Me!!!

And it really is. I am much more rested today. I needed to stay in, read a book, eat thai take-out, sleep till 7:30, have coffee at Starbucks (rather than in my car driving away from Starbucks) and just take a deep breath. It had been a crazy hectic week (as you could tell if you read yesterday's entry) and I needed to exhale.

SO, it's Saturday and I'm rested and in a CREATIVE mood!! My boys are with me this weekend, so I'm not sure if that's conducive to beadmaking time or not. I might spend some time beading (designing a new project) instead of actually making beads... we'll see.

In the MEANTIME I have other creative things to talk about. (uh oh... soapbox sermon series returns??? this could get long)

I was on my friend Marcy's blog the other day and she was offering an online tutorial thing through her blog. You GO Marcy. She is a wonderful teacher (and friend) and I think that's super cool of her to do that.

It reminded me of how I did my creativity workshop as an online thing once and how much I enjoyed it. I started thinking this morning, as I looked through my pictures for the one that I'm going to post next in my "sermon series" and saw all the photos of people's beads that had taken the class, WOW those were really cool!! I should do that again!!!

I wonder if anyone really got anything out of the class??? Did they go on and find some new paths for their work?? I know Sharon Peters said she did, but I wonder if anyone else did. I'll never know I'm sure. BUT it, along with the e-mail I got from my Maine beadmaking student made me think about doing that again.

It was sort of hard to do online the first time around just because of web logistics, but now, with something like Facebook... it would be fairly easy to set up a "group" to do it!! I'm seriously thinking about this. If you are reading this and are a beadmaker, let me know what you think. I could use the creative push personally, so it would be good for me. I would take 10-12 people in the group and first time around.

I'm seriously thinking about this, but need some input from others.

ok... here are the pictures that caused me to think of this... and you'll have no idea what I'm referring to (maybe one of you will) but they are super cool and I am really proud that I helped this person make these

Aren't they cool??!!! Inspiration on the left, progression of work the 2nd 2 images. Very very cool. What I love is that you don't SEE beads like that out there... they have substance and feeling and they're not the same old same old... and I helped make that happen!!

Go me!!!

So... I want to feel that again... like I'm opening doors for people creatively... that I'm helping the glass movement by taking people in directions AWAY from in-bred beads. We'll see if that happens or not... if people want to take risks or not.... and if I'm the person who should be doing this.

I welcome your comments (but remember what happens if they're mean... you get evil song dedications!) on this idea....

Tiny blah blah blah...

coffee today - totally relaxing cinnamon dolce latte sipped outside at Starbucks with a friend!

music - not yet, but I'm about to put some on! I'm in a mellow mood, so it will probably be "Sylvie's Mellow Mix" or maybe Jack Johnson... it's one of those days (for now!)

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