Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Monday World
(and I do mean world!!!!! We're still at 15 countries, but we've got Iowa joining us now and that makes this blog one step closer to world domination!!!!)

I don't usually blog on Sundays, so any of you that were concerned (mother) about what I did or did not do... I'm about to tell you!!!

Saturday was SO exciting and really could have kept making beads for HOURS more because I wanted to start on my fun new ideas, but I had a puppy to take care of and a party to go to!! Of course, when I got home from the party I RAN to the kiln to pull out the beads I'd made that afternoon and think more about my new idea.

Sunday was church and it was a LONG day at church for me because I worked on the A/V team for 2 services. I love doing that job. Not sure why, but it's really fun. Now that we have 2 services it does make a LONG day when I'm "on duty."

After I left, I got a voicemail from my friend Maureen at Flametree glass ( telling me to "get my butt up there" and see Patti Cahill who was teaching a workshop. I made a detour to their store. Can I say again how COOL it is to have a REAL GLASS DISTRIBUTOR 10 minutes from my front door??!!!

If you're not a glass person, you don't know how HUGE this is for me. I cannot believe how lucky I am on that one. I don't know that enough people in Atlanta who are beadmakers recognize how lucky we are. They have a top-notch studio (the nicest I've ever taught in I'm pretty sure) and I'm getting the same prices on glass that I would have if I ordered from one of the big suppliers on the West coast. BUT I don't pay shipping, I get to pick colors in person (which is HUGE) and I get to talk to fun people!

And the biggest news....... I get to TEACH at a place that's 10 minutes from my house!!!! Of course, I'm dying to get back out there and teach at other studios and I'll have to fly there when I do, BUT for at least these classes... I'll be able to sleep in my bed, play with my dog and cats, and just drive down the road to teach.

SO here is my upcoming teaching schedule...

October 11th - beginning jewelry 101. (make a bracelet & a pair of earrings) If you are reading this and want to try a new hobby... this would be the class for you!!! GREAT for making gifts for the holidays.

November 15th - Halo Bracelet (pictures will be posted on my website soon). This is one of my seed-bead projects and is a quickie that looks FABULOUS when it's completed. It's a great beginner project, but just as fun for advanced beaders because they can embellish to their heart's content on this one. It's a yummy project. (it's also a fun one for glass beadmakers because it allows them to show off their own lampwork in a new way!!)

and finally (and for me this is the big one) Glass Beadmaking!!!!!!!

January 24-25 (2009 - duh) Intermediate Glass Beadmaking - concentrating on sculpture and embellishment sylvie-style! Mermaids, Fairies, Flowers... TONS of embellishment ideas.

I'm very very excited to make those announcements. Hopefully there will be more to make in other places. (if you're in another place and want to take a class... GO to your local studio and ask for them to bring me. I would LOVE to come and teach!!!)

I'm back I'm back I'm back!!!!!!! (has anyone noticed how excited I am about all this???)

I'm running out of punctuation marks! THAT'S how excited I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yes, I made beads yesterday. I have also "injured" myself twice now making me a REAL beadmaker again (burned my lips which is a major ouch still and yesterday cut my finger...but only a tiny bit... BUT it's pretty much something that goes with the territory, so I'm officially back! LOL) I do need to go and buy a new aloe plant and some bandaids!!

I worked on the new idea and did pretty good for a first-time. I have a lot of tweaking to do, but I'm on my way. I need to move quickly towards getting it together as there is sort of a time deadline.

AND my shop is in progress. This is where my storefront will be now. It's a great site for handmade/art items. I should have clothesline and halo kits up by the end of the week. Hopefully by next week (??) I might have some lampwork beads AND really really HOPEFULLY this new thing will be in there! HOPEFULLY.

ok... time for the tiny blah blah blah-og...

coffee - nope. I'm enjoying an ice cold Dr. Pepper this morning. I passed the starbucks I don't like this morning because I took a different route to work and decided to skip it. It's not worth paying for a drink I don't LOVE.... and for some reason, they're just never as good at that location.

music - Sylvie's "new mellow mix" which really isn't "new" anymore. I made it last summer and haven't made another mellow playlist since. Need to. There are a lot of songs that I'd like to add to it. Right now it's playing John McLaughlin's Beautiful Disaster.

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