Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Friday.

I'm SO glad it is. This has seemed like one of the LONGEST weeks ever!!!! (didn't I say that last week???) Well, if I said it last week, I didn't mean it because THIS week was DEFINITELY the longest!!!!!!! Without going into details.... OMG this week was awful!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like a do-over immediately. Take that back... I DON'T want a do-over. I just want a long weekend!!!!!!

SO... I have no idea whether I will get to make beads this weekend or not. I'm hoping for YES, but I'd be happy with just a NAP. I'm not going to press my luck hoping for beadmaking time!!

But I'm ready ready ready to be at my torch and you, dear readers, have to be READY READY READY for me to shut up about it already and make some beads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to send hate mail saying "we want you to shut up and make beads." Please DO NOT feel free to send me other types of hate mail. I wouldn't like that and would probably make mean song dedications in your honor. So don't do it!!!

Tiny blah blah blah...

Coffee - WAY too much today. I've had 2 cinnamon dolce lattes!!!!! What was I thinking??!!! I was trying to stay AWAKE that's what!

Music - Also trying to stay awake with that one too. My "Sylvie's Groove Tunes" list which usually makes me feel like dancing... today I was just hoping it would keep me from falling fast asleep.

Books - still reading my funny "Stop in the Name of Pants" but it's short and I expect that I'll be onto a new book by Monday (and I already have it... no spoilers to be given. You'll have to wait to find out what it is!!)

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