Monday, September 01, 2008

Monday and I'm off work!!!! woo hoo!!!!!!!

It's a grey day and I'm taking my time getting ready. I have no idea what we're doing today. I thought we would go to the pool, but it looks like once again, it's going to RAIN on a day when I want some sun! Please don't lecture me on how much we need rain. I KNOW we need rain. I'd just like it to rain on days that I don't have plans to go to the pool! LOL Especially since this is the last day the pool is open for the year. :(

ok... back to the bead part of the blog...

Guess what??!!! I'm a trivia question on a Glass Bead Newsgroup!!! LOL

I started getting mysterious hits on my blog again and went to track down what site they're linking from (and yes, I can do that now!) and low and behold it was from a posting of

"Beadmakers... Where Are They Now??!!"

Too funny. (and thank you JenG for saying you like my writing. I think I'm a goof, but I'm glad other people like my goofiness enough to read it!)

So, now there are real beadmakers reading this wondering "WHEN IS THIS GIRL GONNA SHUT UP AND MAKE SOME BEADS???!!!" Maybe they will comment and harass me into it!!! I need the kick in the butt. WHAT am I so afraid of???!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

absolutely nothing to say here. I need coffee and music PRONTO!

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