Saturday, July 26, 2003

The following post has absolutely nothing to do with anything. There is no bead related content. If you're looking for that, scroll down several entries.

This is a piece of fiction that I've been writing for the past year or so...the continuing saga of Eula Mae Uggamuffin. If you need to catch up, click on Eula to the right.

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Well here we are again...ya’ll need a life losers checkin’ in on ol’ Eula wondrin’ where’s she been what’s she been doin’ and so forth. Well, I’s doin’ good. Had a very eventful last year and I’ll catch ya’ll up on that a little later. First, though, I gotta give ya a little update on some of our friends in East Egip. Well, I told ya’ll about Wanda and her World of Tang. ‘Parrently not everyone shared Wanda’s enthusiasm over the beverage and her museum had to closed on account of she couldn’ afford the storage unit any longer since she’d done quit her job and moved to Valdosta to open World of Tang. When those big revenues didn’t turn up from the musuem, she done had to close the doors.

Good thing is that in settin’ up that there World o’ Tang, she met that young man CleatusTomaine from the prim’tive Baptist church down there near Valdosta. Well, Wanda done ran off to get married to him. Seein’ he didn’ have no job to speak of, ‘cept for his paper route, Wanda figued they should move back up to East Egip. An that’s what she done.

Now Cleatus and Wanda Tomaine are livin’ up here in East Egip. Cleatus, on account of his experience both with newpapers and the Primtive Baptist Church down there in Valdosta got hisself a job at the Church of the No Bingo Parking. He’s foldin’ their bulletins for their Wenesday night services.

Those Wednesday services tend to not be so crowded on account of that’s Bingo night at the VFW nextdoor. They ain’t got but 2 parkin’ spaces in front of their place, so there ain’t much room for a crowd no ways. Well, Cleatus he’s gotta go in on a Wednesday afternoon and fold up those 6 bulletins that they got for people comin’ in for services. He don’t make much, but he sees it as his mission.

Well, Wanda and Cleatus, they gotta eat, so Velma got Wanda a job at the Wafflehouse. It weren’t too hard since she had all that ‘sperience workin’ with foods at both Uppity Chuck’s Chicken and then at World of Tang. So, she fit right in right away at Waffle House. Specially since there’s already one Wanda there. Waffle House was happy cause they was able to cut back in buyin’ name tags. They just had Wanda One take hers off. Customers would know anyone without a tag was a Wanda.

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