Sunday, July 27, 2003

Here we are...2 a.m. I'm draggin' but not nearly as much as I could be.

I've considered resorting to Eula stories, but I'm really working hard on the twists and turns of the new you'll just have to wait...those 2 people who are concerned with life in East Egip.

While I've been surfing around goofing off...I found a blogathon site that I really liked. She is raising money for first book an organization promoting literacy through providing books to kids at an early age.

what I liked is that in each of her entries she quotes children's books. Ok...she didn't have any references to Frances the Badger, but I still liked her site and I pledged!

.Brandy's Blogathon Blog for First Book

Speaking of pledging (and you knew this was coming) GO PLEDGE if you haven't already. If you are awake and reading this, you have nothing better to do than to click on that button to the right and PLEDGE....NOW.....I'm waiting (she says tapping her foot)

enough silliness off to goof off more

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