Saturday, July 26, 2003

and now for a beady update.

I am still plugging away...though honestly getting a bit bored. I know that I wouldn't be able to make any larger beads in the 30 min. time frames that I the tiny beads are really my only choice if I'm on the torch. I know that later I'll be bored to tears...or too tired to make beads...and I'll have to move on to other for now...color exploration continues. i've strayed from my list by moving into medium amethyst...I'm supposed to be working on medium grass green beads...but oh well!

here's the list for this session...

med ameth/grey blue enamel

med ameth/grey blue enamel/med ameth dots

med ameth/grey blue enamel/med ameth/violet pixie dust

med ameth/lt apple enamel/med ameth dots/violet pixie dust

med ameth/lt apple enamel rondelles

tally this session 50 beads

total bead count 395

I'm abandoning my current tv show...gotta hunt for a movie or something. Need more entertainment value...less reality/documentary (right now there is some mummy history show on TLC...ick)

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