Sunday, July 27, 2003

making myself laugh seems to be helping with staying awake....

qvc is doing the trick too...not sure why, but the fact that there is no END and no beginning helps...shows never end, so there is no tracking time

right now my cat Macy is sitting on my lap, on top of the laptop.

Macy is not a small kitty...she is a very robust and fluffy kitty

I cannot see what I am typing....hope this even says something not grjekltjkl;eak or something like that

anyways...humorous thing of the moment.... MikWright cards.

Many are very offensive to sensitive viewers, but most make me crack up!

Here's a linky link...

Mik Wright Cards

off to busy myself until 6....6!!!!!! that's when Starbucks opens!!!! (not that i can actually GO there, but i can dream!!!

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