Saturday, July 26, 2003

'what they want to do...they can't do...cuz it's a dryyyyyyy countyyyyyyyyyyyyy" random landed on b-52's. love that song!

ooooh! and now it's deadbeat club!!!! (bear with me as I gush over my own cd's) "get a job!" "what for?" "i'm tryin' to think!"

Denise...if you're watching this train wreck...that song's dedicated to you! ;)

and now back to beadmaking....

took me a bit to get color stuff ready, since I was officially putting the mustard I didn't get as many beads made...but i'm back on list (sort of)

med topaz with dk amethyst dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

med topaz with purple enamel

tally this session 32 beads

total bead count 252

forgot to update what I'm drinking...I'm currently drinking Rick's Kickin' Hot Limeade (which he brought to the glass beadmaker's meeting last weekend" WOW! it packs a punch!!!!! Great for a hot day like today.

"we were wild girls...walkin' down the street...." - B52's

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