Sunday, July 27, 2003

surfin' USA........

That is the song of the hour (you notice I have a song theme going on?) because that is just what I am doing. I am goofing off surfing around the net, reading blogs, checking out shopping things...doing basically NOTHING because I have 7 1/2 hours in which to do so!

I am doing something good for the world by doing nothing right now. Seems odd, yes?

I am looking at other blogathon people and am really really admiring those with no sponsors who are still up and plugging away. That is sponsors and still blogathonning.

so back to surfing! which reminds me of surf girls and the fact that I need to make sure to record the finale this monday

(don't hate me because I'm beautiful says April as she loses!) gag!

why do I watch these girls surf...I don't surf....I have no idea what is good surfing and what isn't.....I am a reality tv (especially MTV) junkie!!!!!! Get me to a rehab place!


but before you do....

Please sponsor me during the Blogathon by pressing the button on the right. Not only will you be doing something good for Gilda's will help me stay awake because it will send me an e-mail telling me you've pledged and that e-mail going into my inbox will make a little ding when an angel gets it's wings

OK! i'm truly losing it. Must find caffine in kitchen!

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