Saturday, July 26, 2003

More beads....more not on list color combos! :)

I'm still into mustard!!! (guess you'd guess that after the last 3 posts)

mustard w/ dk ameth dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

mustard w/grey blue enamel/mustard dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

mustard w/ grey blue enamel/mustard dots (some no dots) more round with this mustard, then I promise I'll get back on track...which will be with medium topaz and purples....not too far off from mustard, but it's ON the list of beads to make...unlike that darn mustard!

tally this session 32 beads

total bead count 186 beads !!!!!!!!!!!! (wow...I should do this more often!)

still listening to Crowded House...about to put this song on repeat...don't know the name, but I love it enough to listen 3-4 times! it is one I can really groove to...

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