Thursday, July 24, 2003

I made beads TWICE today!!!!

I wrote a whole long thing just now and deleted it. I didn't like saying what I was saying in front of the little party I'm throwing here. Kind of un-fun to censor yourself, though. It was basically about my need to find a bed in an oreo factory...mentally I'm just wanting chocolate and bed. :)

On a light funny note...I just watched the new show that's been on Bravo Queer Eye for a Straight Guy. I think I need them too!!! Can you ask for an intervention??? I don't like the meanies on the "what not to wear" show. This would be much less painful....more fun! They came in and decorated and gave him a new look in one day! What...are they superheros? I did notice a plethora of Ikea in the apartment. I guess, given a T.V. budget and an Ikea...I could quickly change my home.

That's it!! That's MY reality show! Ikea Survivor!!!!!! You have 6 hours to find your way out of the store, $1000, only one cart, a beetle for a car (which must hold all purchases and still operate) AND you have to take your whole family. Can she do it???? Will the evil competitors cut her off at the funky cart-holding escalator? Will her children throw themselves in front of the cart in a screaming fit to go back to the lame-o toy section one more time? Will her husband run interference OR try to befriend all the other competitors and try to throw a cocktail party in the kitchen section?

Ok....national television stations....pick up my little show idea here. I don't want to be a participant....just one of those "technical advisor" types. I can make up the rules, the roadblocks AND be employed and paid by Ikea!!!!!!!

Looking back at this post...I've gone through a whole mood swing in one posting. Can you say "rapid cycling?"

I guess I don't want a life in an oreo bag. I want a life in an ikea store....located inside a giant oreo bag.

Pay attention to the right hand column....sponsor me for the Blogathon. Pretty Please???????? i promise, I'll try to be interesting for 24 hours. If all else fails, I'll start writing eula stories. I've been working on them offline, so you never know.

no starbucks today :(
way too many sweets (brownies, oreos.....I don't need any real food...just chocolate....hmmmmmmmmm)

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