Saturday, July 26, 2003

My little timer on the computer makes this pretty little chime sound...

makes me think of those old storybook records (during the days that there were 33rpm records and a little record player for kids) and the record would go...

"beep" "turn the page"'s what I got done this time

med topaz/dk purple enamel/med topaz dots

med topaz/dk purple enamel/med topaz dots violet pixie dust (some no dots)

med topaz/grey blue enamel/med topaz dots (some no dots)

med topaz/lt apple enamel/med topoaz dots (some no dots)

tally this session 45 beads

total bead count 297

children update...everyone major hospital need to go to injuries. It appears any injury quickly disappeared once the promise of movie AND video game was mentioned. A left handed boy cannot play Galaga with his left arm in a sling. Ba da injury! fancy that?

music - got tired of B52s, plus they were starting to skip....hints from Heloise says to spread them with peanut butter then wipe off to remove skips...I have not been daring enough to try this. It just sounds dangerous!

going to ck out tv schedule before returning to beadmaking...there won't be as many beads this session (unless I can make them at warp speed)

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