Sunday, July 27, 2003

I'm so so bummed about my 8:00 posting. :(

here is my 8:30 post, however and it's pretty darn funny.....

here are all the terms which people have put into Google or Yahoo and been given Eula's blog as an answer to their search....

hair piece road kill 28.74%

wine and dine sign 28.02%

hansome faces of boys 27.36%

kitchenette cabinet designs 8.28%

secret recipe chik-fil-a 5.62%

i want egiption woman 1.81%

my corns high heels 0.07%

judy crowell qvc 0.02%

nancy grace and fiance 0.02%

judy crowell teeth 0.06%

too funny! who does a searach for HAIR PIECE ROAD KILL???????????????????

who are these people??????

My other favorite is JUDY CROWELL TEETH. What's up with that????

one more posting to go after this!!!!

(still ticked that my 8:00 post disappeared!)

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