Friday, July 18, 2003

Ok...I am frustrated.

First of all I must confess that I have wasted and ENTIRE other day playing around on the computer. This either means that....

a. I'm depressed

b. I'm manic

c. I'm in a "mixed state"

d. I'm sucked into the Internet Black Hole

e. I have stuff to do and am avoiding doing it.

f. all of the above and I am oficially Sybill all my surfing around today here is what I found out...

1. My little journal is SO boring. Not that anyone except me cares....but I think it used to be I just think I'm boring.

2. I have no idea what half the "blogging world" is talking about. I am a pretty quick learner, but I am lost on how to add a blogroll which is also supposed to simplify my life. Right now, I'm just confused.

3. I need to start a blog for Eula

4. I need a life.

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