Saturday, July 26, 2003 my first post entered at 9:04....that's actually pretty on time for me!

Now I can take a breath and talk about today, etc.

I did NOT get enough sleep last night. That does not bode well for today.

Rob went to the movies last night...was aiming for a 10:30 show, missed it, next one at home at 3:15...woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep. Tossed and turned and slept off and on until about 5 a.m. Now am draggy tired.

I'm sitting here trying to figure out how I am going to get Starbucks today. I don't think I can drive there and back in 30 min. I don't think that's probably legal either, blogathonny wise.

ok......any volunteers to deliver starbucks? I'm going to wake Rob's sorry butt up in a minute and make HIM since he's the reason I'm so dopey this a.m. (though I'm never a great morning person)

We'll see how dopey I end up being tomorrow a.m. at 8:30 or so. :)

starbucks - I WISH!

music - not yet...can't even think of moving from this bed right now.

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