Friday, July 18, 2003

I feel like Georgia Nicholson...I can add entries whenever I want....

The new system (via blogger) makes my life so much easier!!! I can say what I want without little HTML tags all over the place. It dates them....I no longer have to remember the calendar! My life is now a bonafied party! whoo hoo!

My little blog seems a little boring compared to others out there. I must remember that I wrote it for myself and not the opinions of others. HOWEVER...I did add a new guestbook and has anyone out there signed it....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Not even Blair who comes here for train wreck viewage. Not a single person who has criticized MY starbucks drink choices over the last year or so has contributed THEIR better drink ideas.

Hmmmmmmmm. They will all criticize anonymously but not in my guestbook.....hmmmmmmmmm (chicken?)

Am in a very silly mood today. Avoiding work thus far. (why do I always put off things that I really need to get done???) Therapist says it's because I enjoy the frantic state. Probably correct. Supposedly it's the same reason I eat too much (though I really try, I do not understand that part) and have a messy house.

Am ending this entry because I can! And starting a new one... (i'm so tricky)

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