Sunday, July 27, 2003

My kids have a book by Peggy Rathman called "10 Minutes till Bedtime"

The plot of the book is that there is a count down till bedtime, being yelled by the dad, but while that is going on, the little boy's hampsters are having a sort of party cum family reunion....The 10 Minute Bedtime Tour.

Everytime the dad says "10 minutes till bedtime" the little hampster tour guide says into his megaphone...."10 minutes" and they rush through their tour which inclues brushing teeth, taking a bath...other bedtime routines which to the hampsters are entertainment fit for a tour (they've come from far away in R.V.s for this tour! A little caravan of hampsters heading in for the tour.

And after counting down with the dad and the hampster tour guides...

the next to last page says "One minute till bedtime" and the hampster guide repeats it....the visiting hampsters pack back into their vehicles and drive off into the horizon.

And we see the little boy in bed and his own hampsters back in their cage ready for bed.

I am about to end my 24 hours till bedtime tour. We're at the 3 minutes mark.....

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