Monday, July 21, 2003


do you hear that?

it's quiet........................

that's the sound that my house makes while my kids are at summer camp! :)

It was a really nice day. Quiet house. Bead cleaning and sorting, shopping on QVC (don't ask), a little bit of writing on the Eula thing...visiting with the attorney (ok...that part wasn't that exciting, but she does have a quiet that sort of counts and the kids weren't there...) Ate bbq at mom and dad's.

it's been a very nice day. Earlier this morning when I dropped the kids off for camp, I thought it might be a bad day...there was a snotty suburban mom who was being really grouchy about the "noise level". Apparently her daughter has not spent a lot of time around other children at school ??? So, thankfully, she left without causing too much of a riot and I was able to drop the boys off and have a leisurely drive to we will now go into the daily blah blah blah...

I had a iced venti skim vanilla latte with cinnamon. If you're going to be high high maintenance!
Music du jour - 80s music on the radio....then tv at home (don't ask...not high brow)

Music in my head right now? "Stuck in the Middle with You"....I have NO idea why!

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