Thursday, July 24, 2003

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About to leave for day camp run. Will try not to be sucked into the vortex of the starbucks drivethru. Must get right home and WORK!!! (well not work, but make beads)

I will not avoid my studio....why am I avoiding it???? I have no idea. I really need to get a good selection of little beads going so that I'm ready to re-start e-bay. I also need to make a few focals for the show at the Gathering. (I still can't write the word gathering without immediately thinking of some stone-henge our coven will be meeting there at midnight for a beadmaking conferenece!)

I am feeling a bit off from my regular work-y self. Not feeling like working lately. I go through this about twice a year (or so I've been told by those observing my life) but this one seems much longer than ususal.

Ok...right now am avoiding finding my children's shoes which are somehow located one shoe at a time across the two shoes that match can be found within 10 feet of each other. There seems to be some sort of physics thing like magnets repelling each other. The shoes, if too near each other, shoot away from one another, rendering them impossible to find in the morning. They also can weave invisibility spells so that children who walk past them cannot see them when "looking" for them in the morning.

And one more (I promise just one) kid story. My kids yesterday took their lunches to summer camp. One had peanut butter and jelly, fritos and oreos...The other had ham and cheese, lays potato chips and coconut cookies. Yes, I was short order lunch cook yesterday...that was not a big deal.

Here's where it gets crazy.....they get to summer camp, open their lunches and low and behold they have the WRONG sandwiches. The pbj one has ham, the ham one pbj. Did they figure out that they were just switched?????NO!!!!!!!!!!! They just didn't eat their sandwiches and complained to the teacher that their mom had made things they didn't like. ARGGGGGGHHHH!

What's bad is they were sitting right next to each other when they realized they didn't have the sandwich they liked!

I double checked sandwich placement this a.m.

coffee - no

breakfast - brownies.....a la "little chocolate donuts...the breakfast of champions" (from SNL John Belushi)

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