Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I actually made beads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 8 of them or so (and we're talking little ones that don't take long to make) but I made beads!

One only need to go back to June somethingth I think to see that it's been FOREVER since I actually sat down at the torch. I went straight to the torch after taking the boys to day camp. After about an hour and a half a bad storm started blowing in w/ lightening (sp?) and I don't like to make beads in storms...so I shut things down and dipped mandrels/cleaned beads.

But I made beads today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read about something called a blog-a-thon which is like a telethon/rockathon/jumpathon...whatever athon to raise money for charity. People commit to blogging for 24 hours...no sleep in order to raise money for their particular charity.

I am really thinking about doing a bead-blogathon where I make beads then post how many. Can I make beads for 24 hours? probably not...maybe I should re-think this. If i do decide to, then I'll do some sort of public announcement to help raise money. my charity would be Gilda's club. I have to decide pretty quickly, as the day is the 26th I think. need to do more research.

Coffee- Venti Iced Skim Almond Latte (notice there was no mention of a chai anything there in that order) yet mr. starbucks employee insisted that I'd ALSO ordered a chai latte. I did not, so I did not pay for it, or take it. He was a little adamant that I'd ordered it. Not sure what was with Mr. Starbucks Employee, but I think he didn't have his coffee this morning. by the way, it was NOT my normal Starbucks which is full of happy caffinated starbucks employees

Music - Pink and Annie Lennox.....funny they really get me into a beadmaking groove...just like old times!

p.s. I have always joked that my mom is the only one who reads this...it is now verified, as she is the only one who has commented thus far....oh yeah...Nick as well...so there are 2 people reading. Blair where are you???? I'm a constant train wreck, so you're really missing out!

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