Saturday, July 26, 2003

I am really struggling to find anything to say here....

It was much easier when I was making beads and had a theme.

hmmmmmm thinking of a theme...............

I am absolutely at a loss. I could talk about reality television. I could talk about my presentation for the gathering... I could talk about how one's mental condition deterioriates after they have been trying to think of things to type on a computer for 11 hours already operating on very little sleep. theme.

Ok...I'll tell a story instead...

When I was in college, the first school I went to was a small Christian Liberal Arts College (to remain nameless in this story) and the BIG rule was "no drinking". Of course there were other rules like "no dancing" ('s sounding like Footloose right?)

Well...anyhooo...There was a fairly large music department. When people were seniors and had majored in music, they had to do a concert. For the girls, it was a time to get a gorgeous dress and be center stage. They had a reception afterwards for the performer, their family, friends and interested faculty members.

There was a student while I was there who was very very interesting. First of all, he was probably WAY in the closet at the time and if he hasn't come out by now....I'm not sure, but he must be lost in that big 'ol walk in closet. He had hair which came to a pointy little curl section in the back (waving back from his perfectly feathered sides...remember this is the 80s). The back flipped up in a way that friends of mine referred to him as "duck butt".

He really was a nice guy...just had that hair thing goin' on. Anyways...I get off track. This guy, we'll call him GUY appointed himself caterer of all of these occasions. He would ask the girls what they were wearing and then create a punched up punch to match their outfits. Sometimes it was rather difficult to find an alcohol which would be easily hidden taste-wise AND at the same time not ruin his coloration of the punch. He refused to use food coloring as far as I know...because that would have made things much easier.

Why am I thinking of this now? I have no earthly idea. Just thought of it and it was something fun to log in with.

took a long time to write though...

So here's to you "GUY" and your fantabulous Blue Punch!

p.s. even though hoardes of uptight faculty members drank his punches...he was never caught. No one suspected a thing....they just thought he catered wonderful parties!

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