Saturday, July 26, 2003

I'm jammin'!

I'm a little off track, but making a good variety of little beads. These tiny beads for me are essential for putting together my bead bundles. The more colors, the better. I hate having bundles that look the same. I will make all these beads...then puddle them with other similar colors and voila...bundles! ('s a bit more complicated, but these beads will make the bundles more interesting color wise)

Here's what I made this time...

med topaz/pink enamel/med topaz dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

med topaz/pink enamel/med ameth dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

med ameth/grey blue enamel

tally this session 48 beads

total bead count 345

still watching Surprise by Design...

getting hungry for a snack...might have to disappear for a while to find chocolate...we'll see

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