Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Big news!!!

I am a part of Blogathon 2003!!! People world wide have committed to "blogging" for 24 hours on July 26th to raise money for charity. Think of it as a journaling telethon. I will be continuing the theme of my journalblog which began as a record of the beads I was making in the studio.

I will make beads as long as I can during that 24 hour period. I might take breaks from beadmaking, but I will continue to post every 30 minutes for the WHOLE day. People (anyone reading my blog hopefully or even non-readers) can sponsor me via Blogathon.org either as a flat donation OR per post. The money I raise will be going to Gilda's club and will be paid directly to them.

I think Gilda's Club is an excellent charity. I loved the idea of it the first time I heard about it. I was a big fan of Gilda Radner and still love seeing re-runs of her old SNL sketches. Through this charity, the laughter that she brought to people while she was alive lives on and benefits those who really need a laugh and a place of comfort while dealing with a serious illness. To learn more about Gilda's Club Click on this link...

Please help support me in this endeavor. It's a bit crazy...I know, but it's fun for me and it's for a very good cause. If you aren't interested in my blog...there are other blogs who need sponsors AND other charities that they have chosen to contribute to.

So click that link and sponsor me!

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