Saturday, July 19, 2003

It's Saturday and today is the day of the big silent auction for the Southern Flames! (I totally hate that name!!!! I continue to add "the atlanta chapter of the international society of glass beadmakers" which is a little long but less icky as Southern Flames)

So...the silent auction is today. We are doing our fundraiser for more equipment and other group stuff. I must find beads to take tonight AND I must make my fantast-o-rific brownies. I will include my secret recipe below. Please if anyone out there is not share the secret of my recipe.

Secret Recipe - 2 boxes of Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownies...follow all directions, doubling all ingredients so that you're making 2 full batches. Bake in one pan for 45 minutes at the prescribed temperature. et viola...killer fudgy brownies which for some reason people think is a "special secret-type homemade recipe". HA!

Finally, I must just say right here and now that the show which makes people change their wardrobes forever..."what not to wear" would be SO SO SO depressing to be on. I would totally understand if someone nominated me, as I wear stuff that isn't always flattering...HOWEVER I would have a complete and total breakdown if I knew everyone else thought so and thought so enough to have an intervention.

so....if you're out there pondering whether or not to call BBC America OR TLC....please don't. I don't think I could survive it.

coffee today - no, but I wish!
music - no...TLC (thus the bit above about what not to wear...why am I watching other people suffer???)

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