Saturday, July 26, 2003

My mom is crazy! I just have to say it here and loud. is why I love Gilda Radner. Because my mom let me watch SNL...even though I was probably too young at the time and I LOVED Roseanna Danna and Emily Latel (sp?)

My mom is now Granna to my kids because of the silly thanksgiving song that Roseanna Danna sang...

"we gather to gather to ask the Lord's blessing...bless all the roseanna danna bananas today" or something like got us saying Roseanna Danna Banana voila a non-grandmothery name was born!

So....thank you mom for teaching me to enjoy Gilda Radner's humor... all about violins on TV, busting little school children, etc.

and thank you for being my cheerleader!

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