Sunday, July 20, 2003

Ok...I'm back. After a little surfing around this afternoon I found two very interesting articles on our neighboring country of Canada...I'd like to share them with you. (why was I doing searches for Canadian stuff...I have no clue. I just got onto one of those surf things where you have no idea how you ended up where you did.)

FIRST of all, however, I must say that this blogournal does not claim any political views whatsoever...I think I've discussed that at length this week. If the reader is one that needs deep political thoughts and debates OR someone to agree with your own political philosophies...I WON'T and I really don't CARE. This again (say it with me) is MY MY MY Journal!!!

So...back to our show...

I was surfing around and found this site of articles most linked to by blogs...And I found 2 interesting articles on Canada....Why they were interesting to ME was not because of their political statements (because I really don't want ANY political discussion here) but because of their OBVIOUS lack of information for their readers...

Here are the articles for your perusal....

Some article about people moving to Canada

This article goes on and on and on and on about why Americans are moving to Canada. I think they lacked to mention the most most most important reason.....BECAUSE of SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!! Hello??? Weren't they reading my journal this week? Why are they moving for political reasons when they could move for much less stressful ones and just tell people they're moving because the Canadian dollar just sucks right now. Wouldn't people be happier for them and not have to get into deep discussions over it? They could just say..."we're moving to go shopping" and everyone would understand. No one would have to debate and all would be happy for them........that is until they sat next to irate French Canadian Woman on the ferry. Maybe I should e-mail and warn them about her.

Ok....the second article ended up being not worth was on a site which was just quoting someone else quoting someone else quoting someone else warning of a terrible bigotry against Canadians...let alone Gay Canadians in the U.S. saying that their were 2 strikes against them, etc.

All I have to say to that's just plain silly. If Gay Canadians want to be in the U.S.....great! I am happy to have them here! I do feel a bit sorry for them, however...not because of the bigotry that this article claims they will find, but because of the overall economic concerns they face. They are not good shoppers, apparently and should be told that they are paying a lot more money here to buy things. They need to remember that they'll be paying a LOT more for starbucks when they are here than when they are at home, so they might want to stick to other beverages. They have much higher taxes in Canada, though, so some things might equal out in that area, though I'm not really sure. This is an equal rights country however and I really do not care about anyone's sexuality. I do feel sorry for people that don't know a good bargain when they see one...and this is apparently one of those situations.

So, in service to those who are being mis-informed about these issues. Please let anyone you know whether going to or from Canada know of the exchange rate. I think it is severely being under-reported in the wake of all this political hoo-ha.

(she snickers to herself)

I did have my starbucks today....venti iced vanilla latte (purchased with American Dollars and a cute Canadian Starbucks Card)

Music - 80's o-rama (I love how not deep 80's music is. Safety Dance...what is that song about anyways????)

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