Saturday, July 26, 2003


have eaten and now it's back to our show....

in the meantime, Harrison has fallen and his arm is hurting when he moves it. Rob has it in a sling and is analyzing whether or not he needs to go have it x-rayed. Argh.... I think this is the life of being the mom of boys. I would have expected the first broken arm to be Griffin's though.

Rob reminded me of the genetic disposition of arm breakage in my family. I've never broken an arm BUT, my mom broke hers into a gazillion pieces when I was a kid and my sister broke hers one year and then the following year (i think it was the next year) broke BOTH her arms. Hopefully, nothing is broken,'s just bruised and the curse of the arm breakage will skip their generation.

back to beadmaking and that gorgeous mustard...

listening to Crowded House...starting the CD over again so I get to listen to Always take the weather again. :)

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